Testifying Expert

Carol Ludington has been retained as a testifying expert regarding damages in hundreds of complex commercial and intellectual property disputes involving a wide variety of industries and parties ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small companies and individuals. Her experience includes analysis of financial, business and marketing information; assistance with discovery; preparation of written reports, and testimony in numerous depositions and trials.


Ludington Ltd. provides consulting prior to and during litigation to perform initial damages assessments, identify issues, assist discovery, provide input regarding litigation strategy, and assist development of settlement issues.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Carol Ludington has been involved in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution for more than thirty years as an arbitrator serving as a sole arbitrator, as a member of three-member arbitral panels, as an advisor to neutrals, and as an expert. 


Ludington Ltd. has consulted related to intellectual property transfer and licensing, including consideration of transfer and licensing options, economics and royalties, and frequently addresses licensing considerations, including royalties, licensing terms, and other intellectual property transfer considerations in litigation and non-litigation situations.