Intellectual Property

Ludington Ltd. has extensive experience in the evaluation of economic damages arising from patent, copyright and trademark infringement and trade secret misappropriation disputes as a result of involvement in hundreds of intellectual property matters.

We frequently consult regarding intellectual property management and licensing issues; evaluate the economic value of intellectual property; perform market analyses and address intellectual property transfer considerations in litigation and non-litigation settings. Among issues addressed are entire market, apportionment, basis for demand, available alternatives and design-arounds.


Consulted regarding intellectual property transfer considerations, including intellectual property transfer options, market considerations and value of intellectual property.

Analyzed patent infringement damages based on lost profits and reasonable royalty related to a wide range of technology. Industries include computer hardware, software, telecommunications, medical devices and products, agricultural products, and consumer and industrial products.

Trademarks and Trade Dress

Analyzed damages related to trademark and trade dress infringement matters, including a variety of damage measures.

Trade Secrets

Analyzed damages related to misappropriation of trade secrets related to numerous industries. Damages considered included lost profits, unjust enrichment and others.


Consulted in numerous matters related to intellectual property transfer and licensing, including consideration of transfer and licensing options, economics and royalties.

Performed initial damages assessments, researched industry licensing practices, and provided input regarding licensing agreements and settlement.